General Purpose Checks

gps blue

Security Features include:

  • Optical Deterrent Technology: “VOID” Copy Protection on Colored Pattern Backgrounds
  • Micro-printed Side Borders
  • Artificial Watermarks are printed on the back of the check & cannot be duplicated
  • Micro-printed Endorsement Lines on the backer
  • Minimum order quantity of 250


gps blue 


  • Colors: 
    • Available in Blue, Green, Red, Gray, Teal, Purple, Gold
  • Parts: Available in up to 3 parts
  • Paper:
    • 1st part: 24# Appleton
    • 2nd part: White
    • 3rd part: White
  • Sizes: 12 3/4″ x 9″ with stubs, 8 1/2″ x 3″ check only
  • Imprint: In heat resistant black ink only.
  • Positions: Top, Middle, Bottom, or 3-on-a-page
  • Holes: Drilled to fit a standard 7-ring check binder
  • Security Features Included

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