Security Features

Security Features Interactive Slideshow

Security Definitions

(1.) V-Dot Technology:
Triggers the anti-copy chip in most color copiers. When the chip is activated, the copy becomes unusable

(2.) Toner Adhesion**
Prevents erasure and tampering with laser-printed data.

(3.) Photocopy Void***
The word “Void” will appear when photocopied.

(4.) Security Warning Band Border
The most popular security border available.

(5.) Padlock Icon
Indicates check meets industry standard security guidelines listed on back.

(6.) Invisible Fluorescent Fibers in Paper:
Fibers in paper stock are revealed under a black light.

(7.) Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon:
Red Key disappears when subject to heat or touch (on back for Standard Plus).

(8.) Chemical Stain
Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter check.

(9.) Microprinting On Signature Line
Reads “Authorized Signature”. When copied or altered, this line is not readable.

(10.) Pigment Based Ink:

Pigment-based ink printed areas will NOT wash away when chemical alteration attempts are made.

(11.) Hologram****
Three dimensional metallic image fused on paper.

(12.) Padlock Icon on Back
Lists additional visible and concealed security features.

(13.) True Fourdrinier Watermark*
A diamond shaped watermark can be seen only when held at a 45 degree angle and cannot be altered or reproduced.

(14.) Screened Check Back
Deters duplication. Screen does not reproduce when copied.

(15.) Mobile Check Backer

(16.) Digital Verification Grid: 
The verification grid appears on the original and disappears when photocopied.

(17.) Non-Negotiable Phrase
Secures voucher from alteration.

* True watermark available only on Standard Plus Laser Checks

** Toner Adhesion, available only on Standard Plus and Stock Laser Checks.

*** Photocopy Void, optional on Standard Plus Checks; available with Scallop Void on Standard and Stock Laser Checks.

**** Hologram available only on Standard and Stock Laser Checks with Scallop Void.

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